Owner Jeffrey Harris is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy's.) An R.I.A.A. platinum and gold record recipient. A Canadian gold record recipient. He has produced professional sound design, foley and film scores in a modern state of the art recording studio. Experience also entails years of federal and local law enforcement investigations, testifying as a forensic audio expert, working as a certified litigation and real estate paralegal, years of computer forensic data recovery and analysis. Public sector and private sector clients include Apple, Linux, Tulane University, Calibre Press, IPTM, F.B.I., A.T.F. & D.E.A.

Sonic Discovery can restore and isolate the desired audio component of your media evidence. Work with a company that understands the legal discovery process. When it is crucial that evidence be heard, clients and juries will hear the difference.

We utilize the latest professional audio hardware and software. Our methods are based upon modern recording and audio techniques with a focus on audio forensics and restoration. Through established methodologies and protocols, we can sonically isolate specific frequencies (voices) to enhance the desired audio component or to exclude particular aspects of a recording. For example, we can remove background voices or sonic anomalies which can cover up evidence. This is a valuable technique in bringing out the desired speech or in excluding specific noises or sonic activity. Our computer forensic services, data recovery services, and password recovery services are also provided with the highest standards and security.